Building Scam warning

Staying safe advice
Staying Safe Advice

Tendring Neighbourhood Watch would like to remind people that leaflets that come through your letterbox from businesses offering building, roofing, painting and decorating, gardening and other services are not always from reputable businesses.

While most of these leaflets are a business’s way of advertising legitimate services, there are however some that are targeted at the elderly and most vulnerable members of our communities. 

Neighbourhood Watch advise people to get quotations, not estimates, from at least 3 different businesses for any work you may require doing.  Try and get recommendations from friends, neighbours and family before deciding on the business to carry out the work, normally when people recommend a business, they will have had a positive experience with that business.

Check if the business is registered with a trade body or has approval from Trading Standards, this can be done by visiting the relevant trade body on line and checking that businesses registration, google the business name and see what comes up. 

Check your home insurance policies it may be that you are covered for any particular damage that has occurred to your property and if so, contact your insurer. Your insurer may even make arrangements for one of their approved contractors to do the work.

If you are being pressured by a business that is doing work for you to pay up front whether in cash or some other means, DON’T, a reputable business will never ask for money before the job is completed.  If you are feeling threatened, you should inform the police.

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