Royal Mail Scams

Essex Police Fraud alert Service newsletter no. 31


The public are being warned to stay alert to a new wave of scam text messages claiming to be from Royal Mail.  

Criminals are taking advantage of the new reliance on online shopping and deliveries to  obtain personal and banking details. This follows on from a similar scam where people  would receive an email telling them that their parcel could not be delivered and they  would have to pay a fee for it to be released. 

The text messages come from a variety of different numbers but all will ask for a small  payment which is accessed by clicking on a link in the message.  Royal Mail have stated that this is not a text that they would send out, they will only send  text messages to those who have opted in to their SMS service.


• Unexpected messages should  be treated with caution 

• Phone numbers can be easily  spoofed by criminals—don’t trust a number just because it appears to come from a genuine organisation.

 • Never click on links sent via email or SMS text message.

This information was provided via Essex Police’s Frauds Alert Service newsletter no. 31.