Local Covid-19 alert is now high

Today Essex, except Thurrock and Southend, moved to a high alert as the next stage in managing Covid-19 locally. This introduces more restrictions on movement and socialising compared to last week.

Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council, said:

“We welcome the Government’s announcement regarding Essex moving to the High local Covid alert category, which is clear recognition of the severity of the situation we find ourselves in as a county, and indeed across many parts of the country.

“We think the Government has decided correctly, guided by the science and the fact is that the number of cases in Essex is rising exponentially.

“We understand that the move to the High local Covid alert level may affect people’s lives and businesses and understand the very strong feelings about this. However, we have a duty of care to the people of Essex, and we firmly believe that this is the best route to minimise disruptions, to save lives – not just for those with the virus, but for other patients as well – and to protect businesses.

“More information is available on the GOV.UK website around specific restrictions which apply to the High level category.

“These are difficult times for individuals, businesses and communities, but I know that as a county we will come together to support and protect one another – as we have done previously – and that acting sooner rather than later to curb the spread of Covid is the right thing to do.” 

You can also find out further information about local arrangements from this Essex County Council webpage.